Goal: Get as close to 21 as you can without going over. Numbers will be dealt by rolling /dice out of 10

1. The Dealer is the only person doing the rolls.
2. Dealer stops on a hard 17, hits on soft 17.
3. Players may split on duplicate numbers, and only split once.
Splitting costs the same amount as their current bet. Then, roll once more per split and play them as normal. Dealer may not split.4. Players may double-down on any value.
Doubling-down costs up to the same amount as their bet, to a minimum of half. When doubling-down, the player only gets one more roll on their hand and that's it.5. Rolling 1 is the “Ace” of the game, it is both 1 and 11.
6. Rolling an 11 and 10 as the first two numbers is a Blackjack. Blackjack for players is automatically paid out. Blackjack for dealers is an automatic loss for all players.
7. In the result of a tie, it is a push and the player retains their bet.

Flow of the Game
1. Dealer collects bets
2. Dealer rolls once
3. Dealer moves to the first player and rolls twice
4. Player may split (if applicable), double-down, hit, or stay
5. Once each Player has been given a turn, it goes back to the Dealer
6. The Dealer then rolls until they reach hard 17 or higher
7. After the Dealer has rolled all their numbers, go around and payout or collect bets

Table Min/Max: 10k/200k
x1.4 Normal Win
x1.75 Blackjack


Goal: Be the last player standing

The Game:
Deathroll begins with players placing bets between 10k and 100k, with the dealer throwing in the average of all bets placed, then using /dice to start the rolls.
The player then rolls /dice #, with # being the number that the dealer rolled and vice versa. This process will go back and forth until someone gets a 1. The first person to roll 1 is knocked out, and the remaining players will start again. The winner receives the pot!

In the event that there is only one player at the table, making it a 1 v 1 from the start, the first person to get to 1 WINS instead of LOSING.

Lalakuza game

Brought to you by The Lalakuza

For this game you roll (/random 6) 3 times. The goal is to get a better combination than the other player(s)

4-5-6 = instant win | 1-2-3 = instant loss | Triples and Pairs = points

-If you get a pair the number outside of the pair will be the number of points (a 6-6-2 would be worth 2 points).

-If multiple players get triples the higher number is the winner.

-If you don't get any of the combinations on your first set of rolls then you get two more chances to get a combination.

-If you still don't get a combination after all three attempts then you're out of the game.
Every player will roll /random 99 at the beginning of the game to determine the order.

Note: A 4-5-6 is an instant win and cannot be contested by any other player. Similarly if all other players are out of the game the last player wins by default without having to roll.